GM Suppliers Hurting From Autoworkers Strike, Too


With the UAW strike against General Motors in its fourth week, the automaker is losing millions of dollars. So are the businesses that supply GM. Many of their workers have also been out of work for four weeks, but unlike the striking UAW workers, their plight is much less visible. Lansing, Mich., has nine regional GM suppliers. These are companies that do everything from producing ads to making parts for GM's cars and trucks. Altogether, that's more than 6,000 jobs. Supplier jobs in Lansing outnumber GM jobs. Anderson Economic Group in East Lansing has been putting out weekly estimates not only about how much money GM is losing, but also the strike's effect on UAW workers and nonunion employees working for GM suppliers. Through last week,...

GM Suppliers Hurting From Autoworkers Strike, Too

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