'Horror Stories' With Liz Phair


Singer-songwriter Liz Phair released her debut album, Exile in Guyville, back in 1993. It kicked off a long career in rock and pop music and cemented her reputation as a feminist pioneer . Some have called her a kind of Gen X Patti Smith. Vulture spoke with her about her approach to music: You need three things in art. It needs to be true to your soul. It needs to be resonant in the greater culture so a lot of people feel it. And it has to show a window into a future realm — to punch a hole so we can follow into a new way. Those are the things I’m always searching for and failing to find, most of the time. Now, shes released a memoir, Horror Stories, and has toured with bands like Speedy Oritz. We talk to her about her music, her new book and why she...

'Horror Stories' With Liz Phair

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