1A Across America: Missed (Internet) Connections In Kansas


If this page loaded for you almost instantaneously after you clicked on it, there’s a solid chance you’re not currently living in rural Kansas. More than 95,000 people , about 3.5 percent of the state’s population, don’t have internet access. And it’s not just the more rural areas. According to the nonprofit Connected Nation, pockets of suburbs in Kansas City and Dodge City were lacking in high-speed internet coverage. Nationally, 24 percent of rural adults say that internet service coverage is a major problem where they live. An additional 34 percent classify this as a minor problem, meaning that 58 percent of rural Americans believe this to be a challenge. Why are these areas underserved? What can be done to fix the problem? A Kansas reporter and...

1A Across America: Missed (Internet) Connections In Kansas

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