Roger Miller: The Honky-Tonk Hero You Should Know


In 1964, country musician Roger Miller had a big hit on his hands with King of the Road. But theres more to him than that. He also did Dang Me, Do Wacka Do and a handful of other songs that combine lighthearted, clever lyrics and a type of countrified scat singing. These songs dont sound like any other country or pop singles from the 60s and 70s. In addition to these, Miller wrote a number of serious, heartbreaking songs for himself and others. And his performances went beyond music. He won a Tony Award for his work on the Broadway show Big River. And he contributed songs and voice acting to Disneys Robin Hood. But his talents as a songwriter and musician are often overlooked outside of country music. Millers biggest crossover hits are sometimes treated...

Roger Miller: The Honky-Tonk Hero You Should Know

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