A Houston Doctor On His Hospital's 'Deadliest Week' So Far


"In my hospital, last week was the deadliest week I've ever had in my life." The words of a Houston doctor treating COVID-19 patients illustrate the brutal reality facing many in the U.S. medical system now. Dr. Joseph Varon is the chief of critical care at Houston's United Memorial Medical Center. Harris County, where Houston sits, has the fifth-highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases of any U.S. county. More than 1,200 people in the county have died. "I signed more death certificates last week than in my entire life almost all put together," Varon tells NPR's Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition . For the last four months, Varon has been waking up at dawn every day and heading to the hospital, where he spends between six and 12 hours on rounds...

A Houston Doctor On His Hospital's 'Deadliest Week' So Far

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