What Manhood Means Today


Anna Sale is not afraid to talk about things that might make you uncomfortable. Namely, Death, Sex and Money. Thats also the title of her podcast from WNYC. Shes joining us to talk about the shows latest series , about manhood. From the shows description: Were in a moment where what it means to be a man is shifting—and to some men, it feels like there are a lot of mixed messages floating around. As one man put it to us, there’s a very unclear set of expectations as far as how a man should behave. But while weve heard a lot of talk about men in this moment, weve heard fewer conversations with men. So we asked you: whats the most confusing thing about being a man today? We want to hear from you what does it feel like to be a man today? [ Were big fans...

What Manhood Means Today

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