In 'Once More We Saw Stars,' Grief And Love Together


Four years ago the unthinkable happened to Jayson Greene. His two year old daughter Greta was visiting her grandmother. The two were sitting on a bench on New York's Upper West Side when a brick came loose from a nearby building. It struck Greta in the head, and she died three days later. Greene began keeping a journal, which turned into his new memoir, Once More We Saw Stars. When you first meet Jayson and Stacy Greene, you'd be hard pressed to see any sign of the tragedy that struck out of the blue four years ago. They are warm and welcoming, quick to smile and laugh. They seem very close, picking up easily on each other's cues. And they dote on their son, Harrison, who's just arriving home from daycare with his mother — Jayson playfully calls him...

In 'Once More We Saw Stars,' Grief And Love Together

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