Watch The Throne(s)


Does it feel like Game of Thrones is inescapable these days? The HBO prestige drama seems to be everywhere. Even President Donald Trump has tweeted about it. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 2, 2018 The show has spawned lines of sneakers, Oreo cookies and makeup, among other branding opportunities. The show has also gone beyond its founding material — author George R.R. Martin has not yet completed the series A Song Of Ice And Fire, so the show has had to go on without the source material. Heres how Vulture described the shows symbolism and resonance: Game of Thrones may be the last show we all watch together the way we used to, on such a tremendous scale. Even if you don’t watch it, you may feel as if you do....

Watch The Throne(s)

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