On Tax Day, The IRS Is Short Of Money


Here's a little encouragement for last-minute tax filers: Your chance of being audited by the IRS this year is as low as it has been in decades. Years of budget cuts have hollowed out enforcement of the nation's tax laws. Now, even the Trump administration says those cuts may have gone too far. Adjusted for inflation, IRS funding has been cut by about 25 percent since the beginning of the decade. And staffing for tax enforcement has fallen by nearly a third. "Right now we have about the same number of auditors at the IRS that we had back in the 1950s when the economy was about one-seventh the size," said Chuck Marr, who studies tax policy at the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The IRS has always been something of a political...

On Tax Day, The IRS Is Short Of Money

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