Sunday Puzzle: Easy As Pie


On-air challenge: Every answer is a familiar simile, like "sly as a fox" or "sharp as a tack." I'm going to give you rhymes for the first and last words. You tell me the similes. Example: Dry as a flight -- High as a Kite 1. Dizzy as a flea 2. Green as a thistle 3. Near as a smell 4. Scrappy as a lamb 5. Tight as a tether 6. Bad as a batter 7. Mute as a glutton 8. Sweet as a grin 9. Lazy as a goon 10. Split as a griddle 11. Dead as a suite 12. Flat as a wig 13. Scarred as a block 14. Tight as a post 15. Thick as a log 16. Kind as a gnat 17. Tart as a quip Last week's challenge: Name part of the human body. Insert a speech hesitation, and you'll name a country. What is it? Answer: Brain, Bahrain Winner: Alphonse Baluta of Londonderry, N.H. Next...

Sunday Puzzle: Easy As Pie

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