Sunday Puzzle: A Piece Of Cake


On-air challenge: Every answer is a word or name in which the second syllable sounds like the letter "K." The syllable is always accented, and there's at least one syllable after it. Example: Flowering tree that grows in warm climates -- ACACIA 1. Time off from work when you travel somewhere 2. Mount Etna or Mount St. Helens 3. 17-year locust 4. Distracting from real life, as fantasy novels 5. A place 6. One's profession 7. Irish dramatist Seán 8. National park along the coast of Maine 9. Kind of map projection 10. Dirty tricks, sleight of hand 11. Lacking the skill to do something 12. Occurring naturally on a 24-hour cycle Last week's challenge: Name a country. Remove its last letter. The remaining letters can be rearranged to spell a word that...

Sunday Puzzle: A Piece Of Cake

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