Noah's Wife Gets A Name In 'Naamah'


"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth." So begins the story of the flood in Genesis — God's decision to restart creation by sparing two of every animal, and just one family from the deluge. The ark carries the family of Noah and his sons, plus a pair of every living creature. It also carries Noah's wife, who is not named in the Bible, but who goes on to become the matriarch of all future generations. Sarah Blake's new book Naamah gives that woman a name, a story, and a purpose. "What really struck me about Noah's wife was the way that she was so stuck," Blake says. "I was writing the book at a time when I was feeling very stuck." She was re-reading Genesis, she adds, and she was startled to realize just how long the voyage...

Noah's Wife Gets A Name In 'Naamah'

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