Scritti Politti And The Punk/Pop Inflection Point


Morning Edition 's series One-Hit Wonders / Second-Best Songs focuses on musicians or bands whose careers in the United States are defined by a single monster hit, and explains why their catalogs have much more to offer. In this installment, veteran music writer Maura Johnston stands up for Scritti Politti, a group that scored a pop hit with "Perfect Way" in 1985, but started off in the '70s as a punk band with lyrics inspired by Marxism. Read Johnston in her own words below, and hear the radio version at the audio link. Scritti Politti is the catchall name for projects involving a singer and songwriter named Green Gartside. He was starting to chafe at the limitations that punk was somewhat paradoxically placing on itself, and he wanted to explore...

Scritti Politti And The Punk/Pop Inflection Point

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