Lies Are Illegal In The 'Golden State' Of Ben Winters


Imagine a world where lying is against the law. You might expect that any place that values truth so highly would be a utopia — but the world writer Ben Winters has created in Golden State is far from idyllic. And though it's set in the future, it's very much based on our current political moment. Winters says he knows exactly when he started writing Golden State : The day following President Trump's inauguration. Specifically, it was after "the infamous incident of the inauguration crowd-size debate." Then-press secretary Sean Spicer had insisted that the crowds at the inauguration were the largest ever — a statement that sparked a heated exchange between White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and NBC's Chuck Todd, in which Conway said Spicer had...

Lies Are Illegal In The 'Golden State' Of Ben Winters

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